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Report from the President on the National Convention


We have received a preliminary summary of the League's National Convention, and

I know that you are eager to hear of the program adopted at this meeting. Your National Voter will undoubtedly carry additional information, but I did want to give you the 1952-54 Agenda as soon as possible.

You will be interested and pleased to learn that the introductory statement adopted by the Convention is quite similar to the one that we suggested in our comments rather than the one which was originally proposed:

The League of Women Voters recognizes that the building of a peaceful world, on which the security of the United States depends, is the most important issue facing the country. The League is aware that our domestic and international problems are inter-related and it will promote understanding of their relationship.

The Agenda item as proposed by the National Board was as follows:

The development of a program of mutual security, including cooperative aid for international economic advancement, related whenever possible to the United Nations...

Two Agenda items were adopted by the National Convention. In the next two years, action will concentrate on the following:

  1. Measures which contribute to world security with emphasis on international economic advancement and maximum use of the U.N.

  2. Measures which contribute to economy in federal expenditures through improved budgetary procedures of the Congress.

Like you, I would have enjoyed being a part of the large body of women representing thousands of Leaguers who "had to stay at home." I think what amazes me most is that so large a group as this one can meet, deliberate, and arrive at A compromise that is acceptable to the majority.

With the many threats to our democratic heritage that exist in the current national and world situation, it is heartening to learn of this proof that within our country thousands of women are willing and eager to devote so much time and energy to the preservation and improvement of self-government.

There are a number of other items in the summary I received that may be of interest to you. Our membership, nationally, has grown to 106,000. There are now Leagues in 47 states, Alaska, Hawaii and D.C. Publications sales in 1952 amounted to $52,269. One part of the summary report is of particular interest to us and I am anxious for additional details to pass on to you. "The Convention ...set up recognition standards for territorial Leagues." One day soon, I know that we shall be trying to achieve a territorial organization.

Should any of you be interested in reading the full summary report in detail telephone me and I will pass it on to you.

Ruth Myers

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