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League Begins New Series of Meetings

On August 20 your Charter Committee initiates the first of several meetings concerned with City-County government. The purpose of this series is to prepare the membership for consideration of the local agenda item on a city charter.

The water system of the City and County is the first area to be considered. Two specialists in the field will be at the meeting to talk and answer questions; they are Mr. Edward Morgan, Manager and Chief Engineer of the Board of Water Supply, and Mr. Tyler, Engineer and Superintendent of the Division of Suburban Water, Public Works of the City and County of Honolulu.

Preceding their talks, the membership will break up into small groups for a "briefing session" on the two water systems. Several discussion leaders will head these groups and attention will be focused on problems which merit some discussion before we hear the two specialists. Such questions as the following may arise: Who should set the water rates? We know how it is don( here -- what is the best way? Are our rates comparatively high? Why doesn't the Board of Supervisors amalgamate the two water systems?

Water is something for which we all pay directly or indirectly and this is a meeting that should be of interest to many members.

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