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Local Program

How We Choose Our Program:

At its annual meeting, held between March and April of each year, the League adopts one or two local governmental issues on which it will concentrate its efforts for the year.

During 1952 the League has been making a study of a new charter for the City and County of Honolulu, and will support legislation to enable the people of our community to adopt a charter which will promote efficient local government.

What We Are Doing On It Now:

Members of the League who are interested in research, interviewing, and writing join the resource committee whose job it is to prepare the materials necessary for giving League members and residents of the community information on the need for a new charter and on some of the provisions which a good charter should contain.

In August our group of researchers will begin to present their findings to the membership at our regular membership meeting.

Personnel in City-County departments will be asked to contribute their ideas and suggestions on the administration of their departments.

What We Plan To Do:

We will work with members of the 1953 Legislature to secure passage of enabling legislation to permit the City and County to draw up a new charter.

In preparation for this activity, the League will sponsor a series of workshops, prior to the opening of the session, on "How the Legislature Functions".

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