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National Program

All 824 local leagues are members of the League of Women Voters of the U.S. In states where one exists, they are also members of their state league. The national league acts on national matters, the state league on state matters - just as the local league, which is the heart and soul of the organization, acts on local matters.

Every other year we hold a national convention when we decide what we wish to work on nationally the next two years. After having discussed this for six months, each local league sends its delegates to the convention to find a common program.

This spring the delegates chose an international problem and a domestic problem, knowing that the two were intertwined. They decided to work for measures which would build world security. Here they felt we should stress economic help and the use of the United Nations.

At home, they chose the budget which Congress struggles with every year. The League will study the manner in which the budget is adopted and will support such measures as will improve this procedure, particularly toward savings in effort and costs.

Locally our Honolulu League has already devoted four membership meetings to gaining background information on the international topic. In the fall, we will begin a series of workshops on both the international and domestic items.

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