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"It's Not So Simple"

The Scene: Street corner in downtown Honolulu.

The Characters: Two LW members.

Member: "What's the program of the next membership meeting going to be?"

Voters Service Committee Member: "Our committee will explain the results of its study of roll-call votes in the last Legislature. Mr. McDonough of the Hawaii Education Association is 'going to take part in the program."

Member: "Oh yes, I remember a meeting after the legislative session when we decided what bills we wanted the committee to use in working up a roll-call tabulation. Now we'll have voting records of the incumbents to help us select our candidates in the elections"

VSC Member: "I'm afraid it's not as simple as all that."

Member: "Why? What do you mean?"

VSC Member: "Well, we learned a great deal that we want to pass on to the members, but our results are not what we expected when we undertook this assignment."

Member: "Really? What are they?"

VSC Member: "I had better not get started on it now. It's too long a story to tell you here but you will be at the September 17th meeting and you'll get the whole story then."

Member: "Now I am curious. But you mentioned Mr. McDonough. What is he going to talk about?"

VSC Member: "He is going to take part in a panel discussion with three members of the committee. He has worked closely with the legislature for many years and knows all the ins and outs of following legislative action. He'll have a lot of interesting information to give us, in addition to what the women on the committee have dug out. See you Wednesday night!"

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