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Letter from Our President

Dear Member:

Our editor has kindly allowed me space this month to thank you most sincerely for the time you gave and the interest you expressed in the endeavors of the League during the visit of Mrs. Newton Pierce of the national office. There are so many of you that attended extra meetings, made phone calls, and performed numerous jobs in addition to your regular activities, that I must take this means of thanking you. It is impressive, and typical of the League, that our members are already moving from this into an all-out effort on the Voters Service Candidates Questionnaire this week.

I would like to say just a little about the future. The League Board is constantly presented with opportunities to be of service to the community. Each opportunity must be weighed in relation to our manpower resources--our desire to be of service is often greater than our capacity. You will read elsewhere in this issue of the Board's decision to take on two new jobs during October. We have accepted an invitation from the Armed Services YMCA to sponsor the weekly program of the Java Club for that month. rye have also decided to sponsor a public meeting on the School Bond Issue referendum.

Before accepting these additional responsibilities, the Board gave careful consideration to the amount of work that would be necessary and the value of the service to be performed.

The success of the League in all its work depends upon the members but the reward is shared by the whole community. I am sure you will enjoy working on these two programs. I hope that you will volunteer your time and abilities to the chairmen.

(Signed) Ruth Myers

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