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It's Not So Simple (Ruth Myers)
Letter from Our President
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Report of the Treasurer as of September 3, 1952
Stop! Look! Listen!

Stop! Look! Listen!

Before your next bulletin goes to press plans mentioned by Mrs. Myers which are now in the formative stage will be in process -- So STOP! And think, can you give so some time to either of these projects? If you are interested in working on the Armed Services Y program, call

Mrs. Lillian Fortess 96359

If the School Bond Issue referendum has more appeal, please call either

Mrs. Jules Fine 77901

Mrs. R. J. Westly 98613

Then there's always the RALLY. If you were around when the first and only non-partisan rally was held two years ago you will be wondering how you can get in on some of the fun. Even though the Voters Service Committee has been working on Rally plans for some time they can always use more help, so call

Mrs. Brooke Mordy 745655

LOOK AND LISTEN because more information about these events will appear in the daily papers. Listen to the Hawaiian Electric broadcasts on national issues every Sunday, 7:30-8:00 p.m. over KGMB, now through election time.

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