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LWV Sponsors Java Club Program (Ruth Miho)
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From the Editor of the Honolulu Star-Bulletin (Riley H. Allen)

LWV Sponsors Java Club Program

Because a rather small group of Leaguers had the opportunity to work with this program Mrs. Ruth Mho who planned it has been asked to report to the membership:

"During the program on the National Campaign at the Java Club of the Armed Services YMCA some 35 servicemen requested and received information on absentee voting. It is hoped that those who were eligible carried through and voted for the candidates of their choice.

"We appreciate the cooperation of the speakers who gave their early Sunday mornings to make this series of meetings possible. Mr. Nils Tavares, Dr. Don McGuire, Mr. Beebe, Mr. Frank Fasi, Mr. William S. Richardson, Mr. O. P. Soares represented the two political parties and Mr. Arthur Gaeth gave a stimulating account of the 'Campaign to Date' on October 26.

"We would like to thank the Leaguers who helped by acting as chairmen: Mrs. Birnie, Mrs. Caldwell, and Miss Young and Miss Musgrove. he also appreciate the help of all those who gave absentee voting information. Most of us found assisting with this project a rewarding experience even though 8:30 is early for a Sunday morning.

"Mr. Don Klopf, the Y man in charge of the Java Club, was most pleasant to work with. It should be mentioned that some of the League pictures which have been published recently were the result of Mr. Klopf's skill and effort."

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