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Legislative News - Charter Study Committee Report

"Before the Legislature convened members of the Charter study Committee discussed with each Oahu legislator the possibility of getting enabling legislation for a city charter commission. Mrs. Mary K. Robinson, as chairman of the Oahu select Committee, introduced S.B. 254, which provides for the creation of a charter commission. She notified us that the Bill was to be discussed in the committee on Monday, March 9. Seven of us attended the meeting.

"When asked to speak on the Bill, Mrs. Myers stated the League's position favoring a new charter and the submission of the charter to the people for approval.

"As the provisions for the plebiscite needed to be clarified the Bill was refer red to a committee, one member of which was to be from the League. We were pleased to be so recognized.

"H.B. 360, a comparable Bill, has been referred to the Judiciary Committee of the House. Judge Clarence Y. Shimamura will notify us when the Bill is to be discussed. We hope to contact all members of the Committee before the meeting. Je have prepared material which answers some of the questions raised by the legislators during our first interview.

"When either Bill is discussed on the floor we will need as many League members as possible to be present. would like to have more of you share our interesting experiences.

"Please call me at 98613, if you would like to attend any of the sessions or committee meetings."

(Signed) Mrs. Rolf J. Westly

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