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The first meeting of the Local Resource Committee met Thursday morning, April 2nd. Both Chairmen, Miss Evelyn Elliot and Mrs. Dan Inouye, attended. Others present were Mrs. Teruo Yoshina, Mrs. Paul Aix, Mrs. Allan Saunders, Mrs. J. D. Babcock, Mrs. Ralph Myers, and Mrs. Rolf Westly. The committee members left the meeting with assignments to trace the source and expenditure in the City and County Budget of several departments -- a beginning in the study of the budgetary procedures. Before the membership meeting, April 15, a second discussion will have been held. A short report will be given by the chairmen at the membership meeting. Our two publications, We Elect and They Appoint are essential in this study. If you have given away your set, buy another and join the group before they become experts.

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