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Meet the New Board

Your Board of Directors for 1953-54 is now organized and its work underway. The officers elected at the annual meeting are:

Mrs. Rolf J. Westly, President
Mrs. Frederick Schutte, 1st VP
Mrs. Andrew S. Kyle, Rec. Sec.
Mrs. Larry Eber, Corr. Sec.

Holdover officers are:

Mrs. Wendell Mordy, 2nd VP
Mrs. Norman Meller, Treas.

The committee chairmen are:

Mrs. Perry Philipp, Resource Chmn. for National Agenda Item, "Measures which contribute to world security with emphasis on international economic advancement and maximum use of the United Nations."

Miss Geraldine Milne, Resource Chmn. for National Agenda Item, "measures to improve the budgetary procedures of the Congress as basic to responsibility and economy in federal expenditures."

Miss Evelyn Elliot, Resource Chmn. for Local Agenda Item, "A study of the budgetary procedures and finance structure of the City and County and promotion of such measures as will effect greater efficiency in the financial operations of government and promote greater understanding of municipal expenditures in the community."

Mrs. Dan Inouye, Resource Chmn. for Local Agenda Item, "A study of the services under the jurisdiction of the Sheriff and support of such measures as will improve them."

Dr. Teru Togasaki, Publications. Mrs. Paul K. Miho, Membership.

Mrs. S. R. Smith, Voters Service.

Mrs. Herbert Rook, Unit Organization.

Mrs. Wendell Mordy, Action.

Miss Suzanne Starr, Bulletin.

The Board regretfully accepted the resignation of Miss Margaret Titcomb and Mrs. Gilbert Cox. Also accepted was Mrs. Miho's resignation as Nominating Committee Chairman, tendered in order that she might accept the position of Membership Chairman.

Three portfolios are at present unassigned; Nominating Committee, Public Relations, and Finance. Mrs. Westly would welcome suggestions from members for filling these posts.

Board meeting time. The first Tuesday evening of each month, at 7:30, has been set as the regular time for Board meetings. Members are reminded that the meetings are open to them, and are cordially invited to attend.

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