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The League and U.S. Foreign Trade

The League has worked on United States Foreign Trade Policy for 20 years. The following items are now in the NATIONAL LEAGUE PLATFORM:

IV 3. "Participation in international agencies to solve common political, economic and social problems!"

IV 4. "The expansion of world trade and reduction of trade restrictions."

IV 5. "A tariff policy as exemplified by the Reciprocal Trade Agreements program."

The League has taken the following positions on specific pieces of legislation concerning International Trade:

  1. Support the Reciprocal Trade Agreement program and its renewal.

  2. Opposition to restrictive amendments, such as the peril point and the escape clause, which were added to the Trade Agreements Program when it was renewed by Congress in 1951.

  3. Support of passage of the Custom Simplification Bill, still not passed.

  4. Opposition to special bills that would increase the tariff on specific commodities, i.e. cheese, tuna fish, wool.

  5. Support for the proposed International Trade Organization and the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (G.A.T.T.).

The specific measures that the League will advocate to the 83rd Congress await the development of membership views. The last part of the Jan. 1 NATIONAL VOTER suggests some elements that might be part of a new trade policy.

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