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Report of Treasurer - June 2, 1953

Federal Budget

The Federal Budget is the second item on National's agenda. National advises: "The League will study present methods by which Congress determines federal expenditures, including the make-up and submission of the Presidential budget to Congress legislative authorizations, and the handling of appropriations in Congressional Appropriations Committees and on the floor of the House and Senate. Proposed reforms looking towards more effective Congressional budgetary review will be considered, such as those which provide for clarification of the form of the budget as presented to Congress; or improvements in the organization and staffing of Appropriations Committees; and for greater responsibility on the part of individual Congressmen in their votes on appropriation measures."

It is recommended that League members read THE FEDERAL BUDGET IN BRIEF. This may be purchased at the meeting, and it will do much to remove the wall that looms up when budget is mentioned.

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