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Calling All Members

Do you have a friend or neighbor who might be interested in the LWV? Have you discussed the League with her; invited her to a meeting; passed her name on to the Membership Committee?

Your Membership Committee is depending on every Leaguer to spread the word and help build membership. New prospects are sent three copies of the local League Bulletin and then a letter inviting them to join. A copy of the NATIONAL VOTER is sent along with the invitation.

The NATIONAL VOTER and the local Bulletin are most valuable to those who want to be better acquainted with some of the current problems of our government both national and local. We are hoping that a greater number of people in Honolulu will read these two publications.

We need to increase the number of participating members, and also the number of members who want to give only moral and financial support. The Membership Committee is working out a tab system which is designed to protect the "moral and financial support only" members from being called upon to give time and service.

Membership building is always important and personal contact is probably the most effective method. We are counting on all League members to help give the League a boost on this eternal project.

Be sure to send in your prospects' names by calling Ruth Miho, 90-4833 or Helen Fine, 7-7901.

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