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National Resource Committee News

A number of members have made suggestions for the Leagues' NATIONAL AGENDA ITEMS

IN 1954-1956. The National Resource Committee forwarded the 2 items most frequently suggested to the Leagues' National Office. The 2 items were:

  1. A study of our Legislation and Congressional procedures during the last decade which has affected our political and civil liberties.

  2. Conservation of our national resource (See VOTER of August 15, 1953 on oil and water.)

These items will be included on a list of :suggested items from all of the local Leagues in the U.S. which we should receive early in October. Each League should make definite recommendations for our NATIONAL AGENDA ITEMS 1954-1956 by November 25, 1953. We hope you can attend a Unit Meeting in October in order to help decide what we want the League to stand for during the coming two years.

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