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Criteria for Speakers for the L.W.V.

At its last meeting, the Board approved the following criteria for speakers from the League before other groups.

A Speakers Bureau is being planned by the Public Relations Committee.

  1. A speaker should be a league

    member with an interest in and knowledge of the League, it's purposes, aims policies, current program and activities.

  2. A speaker should not be publicly identified with any party or cause, and should be willing to confine speaking to topics that are presented by the League, that are non-partisan, and that will be of service or interest to the group before which she is to speak.

  3. A speaker should not inject personal ideas or opinions into any speech.

  4. A speaker should be able to speak effectively before a large group, or informally in a small discussion group.

  5. A speaker should never quote herself but quotes either the President of the League, the particular chairman concerned or someone else in authority.

  6. A speaker should be accompanied by a Board Member or other League Member to assist in answering questions and to help evaluate reaction of the group.

  7. Each sneaker must be approved by the Board.

  8. All topics should be cleared with the President and the Chairman of the Public Relations Comm.

In setting up criteria for a proposed Speakers Bureau for the League, we realized that our suggestions should cover the whole field of public relations -namely, radio, T.V. interviews with public officials or newspapers, speeches before other organizations, or any other contacts likely to be made by members. Since many of us will also be participating in the coming finance drive, it seems expedient at this to mention certain points of importance to remember:

Public relations is a matter for the entire League, and, quoting from TIPS ON REACHING THE PUBLIC, "In the League of Women Voters anything that a member does or says which in any way affects the public's opinion of the organization is a part of the League's public relations. Good public relations is a basis for community action....an organization may have good publicity without good public relations, but it is almost impossible to have good public relations without good publicity..."

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