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National Agenda 1954-1956

The following items are being recommended by the Unit Membership to National.

  1. Measures which contribute to world security with emphasis on international trade, economic advancement and maximum use of the U.N.

  2. Study of individual liberties under the Constitution of the United States with emphasis on measures to improve the responsibility of methods of security investigations.

  3. Study of the conservation of natural resources and support of measures to promote efficient utilization for the greatest public good.

The local Board of Directors will send in item 1 and 3 and the following alternative for item 2:

Study of the Constitution and legislative basis of individual liberties to determine and support the best methods of providing a balance between the requirements of internal security and the protection of individual freedoms.

The National League encourages individual members to send in their own recommendations if they wish to do so. These recommendations should be written on a special form letter obtainable from Mrs. Lawrence Eber, 21315 Ahekole, telephone number 56897 or at the November 18, General Membership Meeting. All recommendations must be mailed before November 26.

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