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National has sent an urgent request asking League members to write to Secretary of State John Foster Dulles to support his statement of principles made at his press conference, December 1.

The statement was made because of recent publicized criticism of the Administration's foreign policy which had been set up with President Eisenhower's approval when Mr. Dulles took his present office. Criticism was made that we treated our allies too kindly instead of forcing them to do what we asked.

Mr. Dulles defends the American Foreign Policy with these points:

  1. We need to respect the opinions of others as we respect ours.

  2. We need today to assist certain countries but that does not mean the right to dictate to them.

  3. We do not want subservient, weak allies. It is better to have willing cooperation in a common effort.

  4. It is important to have friends near the Soviet Union where we can have facilities for defense.

  5. The industrial strength of these allies keeps the balance of world power in the free world favor.

  6. The government will be firm in what it believes to be right but the U.S. cannot be arrogant. Keeping friends is a delicate process and agreement is reached through friendship.

There is need that we find time, even in the Christmas rush, to write a sentence or two to Mr. Dulles to say we approve of the stand he has taken.

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