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Changes in Local League By-Laws

Because the present By-laws state that the Annual meeting must take place between March 1 and April 1, the following reasons are given for recommending a later date:

  1. In the odd numbered years the Territorial Legislature is in session from the third Wednesday in February for 60 days. Active backing of legislation by the League may be hampered by a change of Board members at the same time.

  2. The National Convention meets in April of the even numbered years. The necessary work on the National Program comes at the same time as the preparation for our coming year's work.

  3. Since the Unit meetings start in September, a later annual meeting will lengthen -Lse time for covering the year's program.

The above dates are those set by the National Standard By-laws to which National asks us to conform. However, we feel that in the case of the Local League, a change is in order.

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