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Committee Reports

So that all League Members may have a better understanding of the work carried on by the various Committees during the past year, the Bulletin will carry summaries of each Committee's Report. This Membership Committee is given.

The Membership Committee wish to thank League members for the fine spirit of cooperation they have shown in helping to bring in new members throughout the year. Bringing a friend to a meeting or telling someone about the League are both excellent ways in which prospective members may become acquainted with our work. The number of new members have more than made up for those that were lost during the year.

A dessert party for new members was held in the Spring of 1953. Besides getting better acquainted, it was a chance for those present, to learn what the League stands for and how it operates. Unit meetings was another form of orientation that proved very effective. It was through the cooperation of our Officers, the National Resource Committee, the Voters Service Committee, the Local Resource Committee and our hard working Unit Chairman that these meetings were such a success.

Member participation during the year has been high. Nearly 47% of the members have worked on committees or helped with special projects. This amount of participation would not have been possible without the continued efforts of the League Officers and Committee Chairman.

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