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National Agenda Item II

Development of understanding of the relationship between individual liberty and the public interest.

The first step in planning Item II is the appointment of a competent, levelheaded and courageous chairman, not so identified with the subject matter that she has become known in the community as a protagonist on either side of the issue. Where-ever possible the chairman should have a committee to work with her. (Chairman still to be appointed by board of directors.)

This item is to be approached in a new way. National is inviting other national organizations to participate in the project and hopes we can enlist the interest and help of organizations in our community from the very beginning. National will furnish guides and study material (financed by a Rockefeller grant). It is proposed that the following areas be studied in the beginning of the project: (1) the basic rights guaranteed to individuals in the Constitution, and (2) the historical development of individual rights.

We need people to help on the "Item II Committee" (Committee on Individual Liberty). If you are interested in this committee, please call Liesel Philipp for further information (phone 917042).

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