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LWV Registers Voters

"I've been here 25 years and always meant to vote, but never have. Guess I'll register now."

"I want to vote, because I'm a new citizen."

So the comments were made to the LWV Registration teams on duty at Kapiolani Supermarket in the 4th District, at Val Supermarket in the 5th, and at Hughes Drug Store at Kaneohe.

About 150 woman-hours were devoted to the project and over 400 people were given service, although this was the first time the League has participated in registering voters.

The LWV Deputy Registrars for 1954 are: Mrs. Clara Gordon, Mrs. Mary Riggs, Miss Grace Yokel, Miss Louise Larabee, Mrs. Clarice Kyle, Mrs. Isabel Cornelison, Mrs. Jewell Liu, Miss Ethel Spaulding, Mrs. Helen Fine, Mrs. Ruth Miho. Mrs. Lorraine Force and Mrs. Barbara Menkes gave assistance in filling out forms and in locating precincts on the map.

We were a bit scared at first, but after a little practice, we enjoyed finding out the particular needs of citizens who approached us. We asked, "Have you registered before? Did you vote in the last General election? Have you moved?

How long have you lived there. Have you changed your name? Let's see which precinct you live in.

Administering the oath to new citizens was especially exciting. As each new voter raised his hand and swore to the truth of the information given in the form, the official nature of our work was impressed upon us.

Just before September 2nd, when the Register closed before the Primary, several requests came to the League Registrars. Mrs. Liu and Mrs. Cornelison served at a Junior Chamber of Commerce luncheon and Mrs. Cornelison helped to register people at the Liliuokalani Building.

Can you vote? Have you registered? You still can register between October 4th and October 12th.

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