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Report from the President

Welcome back to an exciting and full League program in the coming months! Although there have been no formal meetings during the summer, the League has been very active as many of you already know from experience. Ten League members served as deputy registrars for voters. Much important committee work has been accomplished and more has been planned. We are proud to announce the publication of two pamphlets. CAN YOU VOTE? (enclosed with this issue) has already proved an outstanding success and 10,00O copies have been widely distributed at registration booths and elsewhere. A revision of WE ELECT is now available and should also prove very useful in this campaign year. These League publications received excellent publicity on a full half hour TV program in which Mrs. Blanche Smith, Miss Sai Yew Young and the President participated.

Quick work by a newly organized telephone committee made it possible for over thirty League members to hear Mrs. Dorothy Dolbey, Mayor of Cincinnati, at a luncheon held at Waioli Tea Room on August 11. Mrs. Dolbey presented a stimulating picture of the role of women in government and politics and our League received good publicity in a front page newspaper coverage of the luncheon.

The Board has met twice a month during the summer and has had many fruitful discussions. In trying to clarify our functioning, we have sought council on several matters from National on accepted League policy. A statement of National policy on board meetings is attached to this Bulletin. We will keep you posted on other information as it is received.

We are looking forward to the active participation of all of you during this coming year. If you don't have a lot of time for League work, give the little you have. We have fun working together, too. Won't you join us?

Marion Saunders

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