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Membership Meeting

Findings of the League study of the jail will be presented at the November meeting, followed by a panel discussion. The colored slides of the interior, which were taken, will be shown with a commentary. The panel of speakers will discuss several phases of the problem:

Security: a member of the Police Department

Segregation: William P. Mottz, Referee for the Juvenile Court

Mental Health: Myron R. Chevlin, Director of Child and Family Service

LWV Position: a representative from the committee.

A one-page informational sheet will be distributed which will describe the present conditions of the jail and give recommendations for good practice as indicated by the study. Refreshments will be served.

Some fifty letters inviting community groups to send delegates to the meeting have been sent. In addition invitations have been sent to the Mayor-elect, the Supervisors-elect, the Sheriff and Deputy Sheriff, the Governor and the legislature.

It is to be hoped that from the meeting may develop some kind of community action on this problem.

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