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Local Agenda Item 1955-1956

Local Agenda Item 1955-1956

Once again it's time to start thinking about areas of local government the League of Women Voters of Honolulu will put on the Local Agenda for the year ahead. We'd like to have any and all ideas from members by February 20 so that we can plan for the final decision to be made at the Annual Meeting. (See below for the ways you can participate.)

You will remember that in 1953 we adopted a study of the Sheriff's office and began with a study of the city-county jail. This past year we have seen this project move into community action. Do you want to complete our study of a single department by going on this year to an investigation of the Coroner's Office and the Bureau of Weights and Measures, both part of the Sheriff's Office? This is a legislative year and once more we are going to work for Charter Commission enabling legislation. If this bill should pass, there will be a need for greater community and membership education on charter commissions and "Home Rule". In 1954 we reluctantly dropped our study of local finance because of a lack of womanpower. Are there enough members interested to take it up again?

We'll talk these and other suggestions over at the units. (See Calendar.) Background on the possibilities will be given and we'd especially like ideas of the membership. What would you like to see on the Local Agenda next year? Let us know in any of the following ways:

Come to the Unit Meetings.

Call Mrs. Jeanne Cummings (995805) after 1:00 p.m. and tell her your suggestions.

Use this sheet or a separate one to write down your ideas and mail them to Margaret Holden, 2150 Lanihuli Drive.

Remember we'd like to hear by February 20.

My suggestions for Local Agenda items are:





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