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Report from the Nominating Committee

The responsibility of the Nominating Committee is very great this year as we must nominate a complete slate of officers. ask your help so that we may be truly democratic in our selection. In order that half the Board be elected each year, we must elect some officers for one year and some for two. The following is a list of offices to be filled with a brief resuming of the duties of each. Please call us with your recommendations.

President (two years unless the by-laws are amended to make a one-year term)

The President is the chief executive of the League; her main responsibility is to see that the Board functions smoothly and vigorously as a working group. The real test of a good administrative officer comes when she finishes her term of office. If she has been the best kind of executive, her organization will go on successfully without her.

First Vice-President (two years)

Second Vice-President (one year)

The two Vice-Presidents, in the order of their rank, shall, in the event of disability or death of the President, possess all the powers and perform all the duties of the President, until such time as the Board of Directors shall elect one of its members to fill the vacancy. The Vice-Presidents shall perform such other duties as the President and Board may designate.

Recording Secretary (one year)

The Recording Secretary shall keep minutes of all meetings of the League and of all meetings of the Board of Directors. She shall notify all Officers and Directors of their election. She shall sign, with the President all contracts and other instruments when so authorized by the Board and shall perform such other functions as may be incidental to her office. The Secretary is the record keeper of the League decisions and action.

Corresponding Secretary (two years)

The Corresponding Secretary shall carry on such correspondence as is required by the Board or President, and shall perform such other functions as may be incidental to her office.

Treasurer (one year)

The Treasurer is the guardian of the budget and custodian of all League funds. She makes regular reports to the Board and to the membership. She is responsible for sending out dues notices and membership cards. She is also responsible for sending to the state and national offices regular reports on changes in her League's membership list. The Treasurer is also asked to make annual reports on local League income and expenditures to the National treasurer at the end of the fiscal year.

Directors: four (three for two years and one for one year)

The Directors are given portfolios after the election, but it. might be kept in mind that the following are the positions they fill: Chairman of Membership, Finance, Publications, Public Relations, Action, Voters Service, Resource, Unit Organization, and Bulletin Editor.

Nominating Committee: three (one year)

This League has decided that the Nominating Committee shall be a kind of talent scout group through the entire year. In addition, they must send a list of nominations for Officers, Directors and the members of the succeeding Nominating Committee to all members one month before the date of the Annual Meeting. The report of the Nominating Committee shall be presented at the Annual Meeting. Immediately following the presentation of this report, nominations may be made from the floor by any voting member provided the consent of the nominee shall have been secured.

Nominating Committee:
Mrs. Herbert (Dorothy) Rook 250451
Mrs. Paul (Ruth) Miho 904833
Mrs. Leo (Lillian) Fortess 253832
Mrs. Daniel (Elsie) Tuttle 975654
Miss Margaret Holden 991959

We not only welcome your help, we must have it to fill these positions.

Dorothy Rook, Chairman

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