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Charter Study Committee

The Charter Study Committee has held several briefing sessions for Leaguers who wish to attend the Legislature. Mrs. Marilyn Kamelgarn has offered to help coordinate this phase of the activity. 'A number of members are already scheduled to observe the Legislature. Others who may be interested should call Mrs. Kamelgarn at 739244.

Some of the key legislators have been contacted by our president and committee members. So far, no enabling bill has been introduced. However, we have reason to believe that one be introduced soon. The committee plans to contact newspapers on the need for enabling legislation. Leaguers may help by writing letters to the editor as individuals (not as League members) calling attention to the need for charter enabling legislation. This is needed especially in view of all the City-County bills already introduced which will effect piecemeal changes in our charter without sufficient preliminary study. If anyone has suggestions or ideas to help the charter study group, please call:

Brooke Mordy 745655
Kathleen Schutte 79626
Lillian Fortess 255205

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