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Community Committee for a New Jail

The Community Committee for a New Jail is now formally organized, with Mr. William P. Mottz as chairman, and Mr. David Shimamura as secretary. Several committees have been set up and will have reports forthcoming at the next meeting on March 24. Any Leaguers wishing to sit with any of these committees: Education, Legislative, Community Contacts, Research, please contact Mrs. Kate Kortschak, 94923.

Meanwhile, arrangements on the research grant for a study of basic jail needs are being completed between the Board of Supervisors and the University of Hawaii sociology Department. The League will await the results of this study with great eagerness.

A recent letter from James V. Bennett of the Federal Bureau of Prisons says, "I certainly agree that you are on the right track in pressing for a full-scale study of the problem before any decisions are made. Too many communities have made the mistake of going ahead with jail construction without adequate information as to present and future needs - and once a mistake is translated into terms of steel and concrete, it is pretty difficult to correct."

As a result of the proposed study, recommendations will be made as to size, type, etc. of the new jail. It is estimated that the study will be completed by the end of May.

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