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Local Current Agenda Item

After reviewing membership thinking and considering both probable available womanpower and the whole League program for 1955-56, your Board recommends the following item as the Local Current Agenda item:

A continued study of the services under the jurisdiction of the Sheriff and support of such measures as will improve them with particular attention to the Coroner's functions.

This item received strong support from those who attended unit meetings and would allow us to continue a job well begun. Members expressed an equal interest in going on with the Charter study, particularly if enabling legislation should pass tats session. since the Charter is already a continuing responsibility and since our by-laws provide for making prompt changes in current agenda in case of altered conditions, the Board decided not to recommend placing it on the agenda at this time. It is hoped, however, that a Charter committee can be kept active so that we will be ready to respond to any changed conditions. Other possibilities mentioned by members but not included by the Board were studies of the police and liquor commissions and the relationship between the Territory and the City and County regarding taxing power.

Remember, what we study as local agenda next year is voted on by the members at the annual meeting, April 13.

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