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Annual Meeting

Wednesday, April 13th ---- 6:30 PM Armed Forces Y.M.C.A.

Dinner $1.85. Make reservations before April 11th with one of following:

Mrs. Elizabeth Bushnell, 993773 Mrs. Hansel Taylor, 32344 Mrs. Marilyn Kamelgarn 739244

Our Annual Meeting will be held at the Armed Services Y.M.C.A. at 6:30 PM on Jefferson Day, April 13th. First Vice-President Miss Geraldine Milne is general chairman, and National Resource Committee Chairman, Mrs. Leisel Philipp, is in charge of the program.

The Annual Meeting will feature highlights of the year's activity, as well as the annual business of adopting a local agenda item, budget, by-law revisions, and election of officers. Voters Service and Charter Committee will have exhibits.

Our Jefferson Day speaker will be Dr. Frank T. Inouye, director of the Hilo Branch of the University of Hawaii. Dr. Inouye, a PhD. from the University of Southern California, has been the recipient of Ford Foundation and other fellowships for work in American history. His address will center around Jeffersonian ideas of individual liberties -- and initiate our National Agenda Item II on the relation of individual liberty to the public interest. This is the first time we have been privileged to have an Annual Meeting speaker from the island of Hawaii, and we look forward eagerly to hearing Dt. Inouye.

Guests at the Annual Meeting will be Mayor and Mrs. Blaisdell, Mr. and Mrs. Kido, Representative and Mrs. Inouye, Mr. and Mrs. Mottz, Dr. and Mrs. Brooks, Dr. and Mrs. Meng, Mr. Brian Casey, Miss Sarah Park, and Mr. Shigeo Sega.

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