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Charter Action

On Monday, March 21st, S.B. 620 was introduced in the Legislature. This was the Charter Commission enabling act drafted by the City and County attorneys. That evening the Charter Resource Committee met and discussed the bill and outlined information for newspaper publicity on the Charter. See the Star-Bulletin editorial following this? Tuesday evening the Board discussed S.B. 620 and outlined its position on some new features.

A hearing was called for Wednesday afternoon, March 23rd. President Marion Saunders presented the League views on the bill, taking it section by section fir analysis before the Oahu Select Committee. Chairman Sakae Takahashi asked the League to present en amended bill, and the following day amended version was sent down to the Oahu Select Committee.

In the House there are two bills, H.B. 849, (the League's charter draft) and H.B. 1016 the City-County's draft) that come up for hearing before the County and Municipal Affairs Committee at 8:00 A. M. on Tuesday morning, April 5th, The League will present its views at this hearing, and hopes to have a big representation of Leaguers present to hear the full discussion on these bills.

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