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Discussion on Proposed By-Law Changes

A copy of the proposed By-Laws for the League of Women Voters of Honolulu and a proposed Article IX were mailed to the membership. The By-Laws will be presented for vote at the Annual Meeting on April 13. The Board recommended explanation of vital changes in this Bulletin,

The suggested changes in the By-Laws were cleared with National, and the By-Laws Committee followed National's suggestions. Suggested changes were also approved by the Beard.

Article IV, Section 1. Number, Manner of Selection, and Term of Office of Board of Directors. Changes were made for clarification, and because a need was felt that appointed directors should be selected as soon as possible after the Annual Meeting in order that the Board could work more efficiently.

Article IV, Section 3. Vacancies. This section was clarified for terms other than the President, which was included in Article V.

Article IV, Section 7. Ex-Officio Members. This is new, and was added to clarify the position of thy Nominating Committee Chairman and the immediate past delegate to the national Convention if she is not a Board member. Letters to National were written about these positions, and this section carries out National's suggestions.

Article V, Section 1. Enumeration and Election of Officers. The president's term was changed to one year because of the difficulty in filling this office for a two year term. If the president wishes to stand for re-election, there is nothing in the By-Laws to prevent her from so doing. The Board and the Nominating Committee have had much difficulty in filling this office and a one year term would offer much more appeal. The position carries heavy responsibility and few women will agree to accept this office for two years. National prefers a two year term, but they allow a one year term and admit some Leagues provide for one year term for the President with two years for Board members.

Article VI, Section 2. Financial Administration, Dues. Proposed dues are $3.00. This change was suggested to Board members by members a number of times during the past year. With the present high costs it seems a logical change. New members grace period was changed from November to January to make for a more reasonable time limit when no dues would be charged.

Article VI, Section 3. Budget. This section was combined with Section 4 of the old By-Laws and rewritten to allow for clarity, time specification, and to add the Finance Chairman to the Budget Committee.

Article VIII, Section 1. Nominations and Elections. Nominating Committee. A date for the appointment of the Nominating Committee was added to this section. It makes for easier Board operation if dates are specified.

Article VIII, Section 2. This is new, and clarifies procedure as an aid to the Nominating Committee.

Article VIII, Section 4. Elections. There is considerable feeling today that elections should be by ballot. We asked National's advice in this matter and their approval was given.

Article IX. Program. National issued a sample sheet for By-Laws for this article and suggested that local Leagues conform with changes made by National. The major change is the addition of Continuing Responsibilities with a review for same. It was felt this was a needed addition.

Article X. National Convention. This article was re-written with National's aid. The Board and the By-Laws Committee felt there was need for clarification of policy and an establishment of procedure in the selection of convention delegates. The details for preferential voting have been added to the Policy Handbook.

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