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Individual Liberty and Subversive Activity
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Calendar of Events

Wednesday, August 17th 7:30 PM MEMBERSHIP MEETING "Individual Liberty and

Subversive Activity" Judge J. Frank McLaughlin YWCA, Richards Street

Wednesday, August 24th 7:30 PM BOARD MEETING at home of Mrs. Brooke Nerdy, 1370 Pueo Street

Friday, August 26th 11:30 AM VOTERS SERVICE LUNCHEON MEETING YWCA, Richards Street

Wednesday, September 7th UNIT MEETINGS:
- 9:30 AM AINA HAINA UNIT. Home of Mrs. Hansel Taylor, 30 Wailupe Circle 32344
- 9:30 AM KAILUA UNIT. Home of Mrs. Robert Campbell 727 Kanaha Street 255171
- 7:30 PM HANOA UNIT. Home of Mrs. Leisel Philipp 1726 Correa Road 917042

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