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Fashion and Finance

Biggest news of the month is the Fashion Show -- our finance effort for the new budget. You have already received tickets and information on this luncheon--in fact, we hope that you've already sold your suggested quota and are looking for more

Models of Hawaii will present new, original creations from the collections of these top-flight designers: Alexa Originals, Elsie Das, Greta of Hawaii, Jaxon's-Waikiki, Elsie Krassas, Margo, Nodee's, and Gladys Williams.

All this glamour plus a good lunch is yours for only $3 at the beautiful new Reef Hotel at 12 noon on Saturday, February 18. Remember to make your reservations with the manager's office at the Reef Hotel by February 15. Call 996464. We hope that you won't have any tickets left over, but if you do we want to remind you that any remaining must be turned in to Miss Sai Yew Young, 1040 Wong Ho Lane or at the hotel ticket desk before the Luncheon. Reservations made and not kept will be charged to the League. If cancellations are necessary, call a member of the telephone committee or the hotel manager's office.

A member of the telephone committee will check with you next week. Serving on this committee are Barbara Spaulding (32408), Mrs. Hansel Taylor (32344),. Opal Sloane (76923), Dorothy Keeler (250901), with Marilyn Kamelgarn, Chairman (739244). Hostesses at the luncheon are Sue Starr, Carolyn Crawford and Barbara Menkes. The program is being designed by Violet Scott. Makiko Ichiyasu, Margaret Lawrence, and Sai Yew Young have worked hard for this exciting event under the vigorous leadership of Dr. V. G. Clark, Finance Chairman.

We hope we make a lot of money. We know we'll have a lot of fun. It depends on you!

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