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Charter Commission

You will remember the League's hard work at the last Legislature to secure the passage of enabling legislation for writing a new charter for Honolulu. Now a charter commission has been appointed to create a document which will provide "a more efficient, economical, and representative government for Honolulu."

Charter revision is the proposed local agenda item for next year. There will be many opportunities for League members to contribute to informed citizen participation on this fundamental area of government.

We were fortunate indeed, on February 18 to arrange a luncheon talk on charters by Mr. Murray Seasongood, an outstanding authority who was vacationing in Hawaii when we heard the news that charter revision was a reality. The telephone committee swung into action and twenty-five members were able to attend the luncheon.

Mr. Seasongood recommended a council manager form of government with a small non-partisan council elected at large by proportional representation. He stressed the importance of community-wide interest and education in charter revision and pointed out that the League could give real community service through public education.

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