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President's Message

What an interesting and exciting year this is going to be I am sure you are as anxious as the new Board to see our two projects - a new City and County Charter and a new City and County jail - become actualities. We hope you busy housewives, mothers, and business women will budget your time so it will be possible to help with some of the work that lies ahead.

We need observers for the Charter Commission meetings which are held after school twice a week, Voters Service needs day time observers at Supervisor's meetings, Tuesdays and Fridays. If you can help in these two areas, please call Mildred Saunders, chairman of the Charter Committee (tel. 965312) or Genevieve Schutte, chairman of Voters Service (tel. 997991).

To be well informed so we can vote intelligently when the Charter comes up in election, the Charter Committee is planning a series of meetings. You will surely want to attend all. The first one is April 18th. Jot it on your calendar.

Blanche Smith

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