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Mrs. John G. Lee Re-Elected National President

Mrs. John G. Lee, who has been our National President since 1950, was re-elected at the Chicago Convention in May. She has served on the Foreign Operations Administration Public Advisory Board. She was nominated by President Eisenhower and confirmed by the U.S. Senate for this position. She has been active in League work since 1934. She has had wide experience in positions of trust in her home state, Connecticut. She served as member of the State Library Committee, adjunct of the State Board of Education, and was member of the Union Settlement of Hartford. She also served on Governor's War Council.

In the speech Mrs. Lee gave at the convention, there is much food for thought. The paragraph from her speech that follows is a challenge to all League members.

"As I see Leagues in operation, I become more and more persuaded that the key to success lies in the attitudes of those participating. If you believe League work to be a terrible struggle and approach it with reluctance and misgivings, most likely it will turn out that way. If you approach League work as a valued opportunity to carry forward your belief in American democracy, you will be rewarded by the knowledge that you are helping to make it a reality; but even more significant, the experience will develop your own capacities, it will cause you to grow, it will add immeasurably to your personal sense of fulfillment by providing you with a practical way to make your town, your state, your nation (and perhaps the world) a better place to live in for those who follow. If we see it thus, enjoyment and satisfaction are inherent."

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