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The Charter Commission

The Charter Commission is now working on the first draft of the new Charter. On June 21st the Commission met with three experts in public administration: Henry Reining, Jr., Frank P. Sherwood and John M. Pfiffner, all faculty members of the University of Southern California School of Administration. We were interested to hear that the experts favor a city manager or a strong mayor with a trained administrative assistant. They were emphatic in their statements that all Boards and Commissions should be advisory only, that the Charter, like the Constitution, should be a "model of brevity", and that department heads should be appointed and chosen for their skill in administration. They also expressed their opinion favoring a short ballot. So far, the Commission has been working quietly with little publicity; however, a community committee is being organized. Watch the papers for developments! Our units have centered their discussions around the types of city government, pros and cons of boards and commissions, short versus long ballots, length of supervisors' terms, and structure of finance and legal departments.

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