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Charter Commission Open Hearing August 7th

The Charter Commission after five months of study will present tentative recommendations at a public hearing on Tuesday, August 7th at 7:30 p.m. at the board of supervisor's assembly room in City Hall.

It is tentatively recommended that:

  1. The form of government be council-manager or strong mayor.

  2. The size of the Council be larger than the present Board.

  3. The mayor and council be elected every four years (no overlapping terms - the re-election of a certain number of incumbents to take care of continuity.)

  4. The elections be held in years other than years of Territorial elections.

  5. The elections be held at large with nominations either 1) by districts or 2) at large.

  6. The provision for "service departments," i.e. legal, financial, personnel, be set forth in the Charter and the establishment of other departments left to the council.

  7. The city clerk be appointed by the Council.

Other questions to be discussed are: Should provisions be made for initiative, referendum and recall? Should elections be non-partisan? Would it be practical to insure representation from rural Oahu by providing for the election of one candidate from each of the 3 rural districts outlined by the Constitution and the Reapportionment Act? Should the title Board of Supervisors be changed to City Council?


"The Council-Manager Plan is a form of local government in which responsibility is clearly fixed and which makes possible a combination of non-professional representation and trained officials. The Manager Plan was first studied by the League in 1923, It was on the active program from 1926 to 1942. Many Leagues are still working for a Council-Manager form of city government."

From - "The Program Record"
League of Women Voters of U.S.

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