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Charter Commission

PUBLIC HEARINGS: The Charter Commission held public hearings in Honolulu, Wahiawa and Kailua during the past month. The hearing in Honolulu was attended by about seventy persons which included representatives from rural Oahu. These representatives were very vocal in expressing the need for more adequate representation of rural areas on the Board of Supervisors, and gave the impression that there was a widespread community feeling on this matter. The Wahiawa meeting-was attended by only six persons. However, the Kailua hearing had an attendance of twenty-five people.

CHARTER COMMISSION AT WORK: On Monday, August 27th, the Charter Commission discussed the question of a merit system. At present, the Territory sets the salary schedule for City and County workers, although the funds for the payroll come from the City and County treasury. Since the Legislature would be the final authority ea the Charter, some members questioned the advisability of changing the present system. After much discussion the members of the commission decided they would need more information before making a decision.

Unfortunately, the public is not taking advantage of seeing and hearing the Charter Commission in action. It's a wonderful opportunity for League members to see how much work is entailed in the writing of a Charter. It would be well worth your while to make a special effort any Monday at.4:00 p.m. to attend one of the meetings. Why not call Laura Draper at 9-8968 and go with her. She's our official observer and can give you lots of information.

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