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Non-Partisan Rally
Message from Our President (Blanche Smith)
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Choose Your Candidate for His Judgment (Edmund Burke)
Tour of Water Supply Installations
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U.N. Day, October 24 - U.N. Week, October 21-27, 1956
Treasurer's Report

Message from Our President

According to National Policy no member of the National, State or Local Boards may be a candidate for public office, actively work for candidates or be active in party work while serving as Board members. General membership is encouraged to do these things as individuals, not as League members.

Adherence to this policy is what makes the League a non-partisan organization, helps maintain its reputation as an informed, unbiased, and public spirited source of information on public questions and issues. Let's guard that reputation jealously.

Many times in the last few weeks, the League has found it necessary to repeat what every League member knows, that the League does not support or oppose any Candidate or Party. Voters Service provides factual information on issues.

Blanche Smith

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