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Nominating Committee Enlists Your Help

Your Nominating Committee has the responsibility of nominating candidates for the following offices:

President (one year)

The President is the chief executive of the League. Her main responsibility is to see that the Board functions smoothly and vigorously as a working group.

Vice-President (two years)

The Vice-President, in the event of disability or death of the President, takes over the duties of the President until such time as the Board elects one of its members to fill the vacancy.

Corresponding Secretary (two years)

The Corresponding Secretary carries on such correspondence as is required by the Board or President.

Directors: four (three for two years and one for one year)

The Directors are given portfolios after the election, but it might be kept in mind that the following are the positions they fill: Chairmen of Membership, Finance, Publications, Public Relations, Voters Service, Resource and Unit Organization; Bulletin Editor.

Nominating Committee: three (one year)

This League has decided that the Nominating Committee shall be a kind of talent scout group through the entire year. In addition, they must send a list of nominees to all members one month before the date of the Annual Meeting.

Please send your suggestions to: Margaret Newman, 3653 Tantalus Drive.

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