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Finance Drive Over the Top -- And a Wee Bit More!

The Finance Committee this year h d some bold souls who decided on a new venture -- a film sponsorship. Margaret Beruan made the suggestion, and it met the immediate approval of other committee members Alison MacBride, Elizabeth St. John, Violet Scott, Lotty Canady, and Terza Meller. Fortunately, we obtained Kiwanis speaker Julien Bryan with his film "Suez and Egypt" for its only showing in Honolulu. A more timely film could not be dreamed up: It allowed us to dramatize the international work of the League -- frequently unknown to the public.

You know the story... we rushed... had to take Mr. Bryan on his only free night... not much promotion... but the pulling power of the film worked for us and we had a fine audience. Leaguers worked hard on tickets...made fliers and posters... ushered on film night... gave donations besides: Loyal ladies, these: Orchids to all who helped, the Committee, Margaret Holden, Evelyn Elliott, Phyllis Turnbull and Teru Togasaki who took telephone orders; Kay Schutte, Laura Draper, Juanita Braude, Helen Fine for telephone follow-up; these and Mary Musgrove, Sakiko Okubo, Gerry Milne, Louise Horwitz, Alice Scott, Margaret Wright for helping on film night... not forgetting Associate Members Allan Saunders and Norman Meller who manned the ticket booth!

Our achievement in figures is:

Tickets sold: League members 429

Public sales 307

Student tickets 43

for gross of $1,235.90

Finance donations added 87.61

For total gross in finance drive of $1,323.51

Expenses for "Suez" showing were 581.51

Leaving a NET PROFIT TO LEAGUE OF $ 742.00

High salesmen were: Evelyn Elliott, Alison MacBride, Laura Draper, Allan Saunders (!), Ruth Aiken, Margaret Holden and Sue Thomas.

Our 1956-57 budget set up a goal of $500.00 for our finance drive, so we feel pretty good about the $742.00: And not least, we did this while also giving the community information on a crucial area of the world. Mahalo to the Kiwanis Club of Honolulu!

Marion Saunders

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