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Leaguer Makes a 'Go-See' Trip to Middle East

an exciting excerpt from "The National Voter"

"With six cameras, an insatiable curiosity, assorted facts, and one son, Mrs. Werner J. Blanchard, the League's Alternate Observer at the United Nations, set out last September for the Middle East.

"She had watched resolutions make their way through the U.N. Now she wanted to observe them from the working end. The trip was unofficial, financed personally by Mrs. Blanchard but arranged by the Department of State.

"She traveled in Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, Iran, and Greece; visited 58 different projects and institutions, held 114 interviews, and took 1021 pictures.

"Officialdom found it hard to believe that this woman and her son were interested in government operations, would rather see cattle than castles and resources than resorts, and were only seeking to understand the Israeli-Arab conflict.

"Mrs. Blanchard reports: 'The U.N. carries on three kinds of work in the Middle East - programs for advancing human welfare, care of refugees, and supervision of the truce. Programs designed to help people help themselves are also carried on with U.S. Technical Assistance, similar funds from other nations, and private funds.

'Since the United States puts ten times as much money into its bilateral assistance programs as into the UNTA programs, the U.S. projects are naturally more obvious. The results are visible - grass in the desert, more tomatoes on the terraces, new trees on the hillsides, more teachers midwives, plumbers, policemen in training. Point Four is truly a joint program of the United States and the nation concerned; the clasped-hands insignia symbolizes the spirit in which aid is given and accepted.' "

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