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A Message from Our National President

"In our effort to encourage informed and active participation of citizens in an area of government policy that has overriding importance for the future of the United States and the world, we are carrying out the purpose of the League in the truest sense.

"It is less important that the League arrive at conclusions than that it stimulate individual action based on sound understanding. In its examination of the causes of the present world crisis, the League will be dealing inevitably with matters on which it has no position. This fact will provide additional encouragement to individuals to assume their full and independent responsibility as citizens.

"Already many Leagues have gone to work on the project with speed and satisfaction. Special Board and membership meetings have been called; workshops have been set up; TV and radio programs are being planned; cooperation with other community organizations is being explored; state Boards are offering all kinds of help. The League sees a need and will spare no effort to perform a vitally important service. We are proving our ability to adjust plans to political realities."

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