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Hurry! Hurry!

We have to have prospects.

Not marital, though some of us might not object!

But as a committee, we need the names of potential members. We are ready to follow up on any suggestions you give, but please give!

Seriously, our effectiveness as a League is endangered by the small size of our membership. We need more people badly. It has been suggested that women whose children are leaving home for school or college may find themselves ready for new activities. Do you know any of them?

If each of you will give us the name of one person, we will have something to work on. Just let us know:

  1. Whether she is interested in membership.

  2. Whether you have talked with her about the League, but prefer us to invite her to become a member.

  3. Whether she is a "cold prospect" and you want us to make the contact. 4. Anything else that might be helpful - including, of course, her address and telephone number.

Address your letter to: Membership Committee, P.O. Box 1411.

The Membership Committee
Mary Musgrove
Alice Scott
Violet Scott
Grace Yokoi
Laura Draper, Chairman

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