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Freedom Agenda Evaluated

"Freedom Agenda in the Community 1954-1956", published by the Carrie Chapman Catt Memorial Fund, Inc., lists the organizations who participated in the program and summarizes the accomplishments. We give you a short excerpt:

"Freedom Agenda was a program of the Carrie Chapman Catt Memorial Fund. This Fund was created by the League of Women Voters in 1947 to honor the memory of a great leader by carrying on the work to which she dedicated her life. It is a research and educational fund in the field of citizen participation in government; it has no endowment but is supported by private contributions.

"In its 1954 statement of activities, the CCCMF explains that the idea for the Freedom Agenda Program came about because 'it seemed essential to promote wider understanding of our constitutional freedoms - their history, their meaning, and their relation to national security - in order to combat some of the confusion and fear generated by current tensions.' The name was conceived by a distinguished Catholic priest, who suggested that the word 'agenda' implies something to be discussed - and free discussion was the objective of Freedom Agenda."

"Freedom Agenda has furnished historical perspective for the discussion of current problems in the field of constitutional liberty. It has heightened understanding and appreciation of some broad concepts, often obscured in the heat of debate, on how best to defend the security of the United States.

"The discussions tended to bring out and re-emphasize certain basic American ideas: that liberty is indivisible - when you respect your neighbor's rights you are defending your own - that diversity rather than unanimity and conformity is the richest source of strength to the country. The importance of procedure became apparent when, for example, time-tried standards of justice were called to mind as a measure of some current security practices. The fact was again established that self-government can thrive only where those who are governing themselves have access to the facts, and live in a climate where free examination and discussion of alternative policies is possible."

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