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Consensus on National Item II

The United States definitely has need for a security program, After a study of National Item II - Individual Liberties - the consensus of members who participated in the program is as follows:

  1. There is need for a security program at this time.

  2. The security program should apply only to those in sensitive positions.

  3. Security suitability should not be confused with loyalty.

  4. A centralized personnel office headed by a department chief or director is needed, its function to determine which positions are sensitive.

  5. Individuals under suspicion should have the right to summon witnesses as well as access to records relative to accusations against them. If an individual is exonerated, however, he should be reimbursed costs he has expended in his clearance.

  6. If the Attorney General's list is retained, it should be updated with revisions made periodically.

  7. Inasmuch as the Loyalty-Security Program is set up under Executive Order, reforms can come from the President. However, with one exception, members felt there was need for legislative action by Congress to provide a more effective and appropriate security program.

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