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In Memoriam

The untimely death of Miss Ruth W. Loomis, 49, removes from Hawaii one of its outstanding legal minds and from the League of Women Voters one of its staunchest members.

Miss Loomis died November 1 at her home, 3023 Vista Place. Private funeral services were held November 6.

A native of Marshall, Minnesota, she graduated from the University of Iowa and the Denver University Law School before coming to the Islands in 1935, to join the law firm of Frank E. Thompson. She entered private practice in 1940. Two years later, she was appointed to the Territorial Attorney General's Staff and was assigned to the Labor Department. In this latter capacity, she came to be regarded as a leading authority by both labor and industry.

Since September 1954, she served as the Vice-President of the League of Women Voters of Honolulu. The success of the League's recent public forum on the Federal Loyalty-Security Program was due in a large measure to her indefatigable service and leadership.

Miss Loomis also devoted considerable time to other community organizations.

Members who wish to contribute to a fund for the purchase of law books for the Territorial. Supreme Court Library as a memorial to her may send their contributions to the Ruth W. Loomis Fund, care of the Attorney General's Office, or to William H. Loomis, Division of Apprenticeship, 825 Mililani Street.

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