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News from National

In the December National Voter our National President, Mrs. Lee, points out some of the problems confronting America. She calls on League members to "share our experience and knowledge and opinions more fully, speak more loudly, not as an organization but as individuals; not as Leaguers but as Americans."

She points to the need of an over-all foreign policy, "in which foreign and domestic affairs are viewed as indivisible." She names what she considers the basic ingredients required in an over-all national policy which she feels must be designed as a whole - "U.S. participation and support of the United Nations with less regard for propaganda values than for the principles enunciated in the Charter; U.S. action to strengthen the regional defense systems of which we are a part; vigorous pursuit by the United States of international economic development and full participation in methods to expand world trade, without which economic development serves little purpose; a nation-wide effort to educate ourselves, to acquire and utilize knowledge, to develop attitudes which honor and respect intellectual attainment."

In a Memo from National we are reminded that on June 30, 1958 the extension of the Trade Agreement Act expires, - the League is vitally interested in this act and has supported its extension each session of Congress. A fight seems to be shaping up in Congress over extension this time.

Quoting from an article in the Washington Post by Malvina Lindsay, "Economic isolationism showed up strongly in the last session of Congress where a proposal for approval of United States membership in the Organization for Trade Cooperation never even got out of committee. One of the major controversies of the next session is expected to be over extension of the Reciprocal Trade Agreements Act which expires in June. President Eisenhower has said he will ask for more than a one-year extension with adequate new authority to cut tariffs. But powerful pressures from interests that want more tariff protection will be exerted on Congress. Protectionists are organized for a drive to change the reciprocal trade program by crippling amendments."

News from Washington, dated December 3, (UP). President Eisenhower is asking for a five-year extension of the reciprocal trade agreement program.

The National League office is preparing material explaining the trade agreements program and updating information on world trade, GATT and OTC. Watch for news of this in the local League Bulletin.

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